I was handling this fairtrade strategic online initiative for the business-2-consumer-market and the business-2-business-market. Just silver necklaces were offered and all of them are WFTO-certified (World Fair Trade Organization). All silver necklaces in our collection were handmade and imported from the Americas (Guatemala and Mexico). All necklaces were symbolic gifts with signs from different cultures Aztecs, Mayan, Indian, Maoris (but fairtrade produced in Guatemala and Mexico), and Incas. Besides those, we also offered fairtrade silver necklaces with healing stones.

I was responsible for improving user experience (UX), for coping with HTML and CSS, for managing web design, for optimizing landing pages and user/sales/marketing funnels, and for rolling out marketing roadmaps.

Highlights were CMS (Joomla and Luondo/VirtueMart), website-calls-to-actions (CTAs), SEO, SEM, SERPs, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), ROI and KPIs, A/B Testing (Split Testing), display ads via pop-ups and banners (PPC/CPC/CPL/CPM/CPS), customer journeys and customer life cycles, and Data & Web Analytics (Google Analytics/Google AdWords).

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