I was handling this fairtrade strategic online initiative for the business-2-consumer-market, and also the business-2-business-market (companies and government institutions included, and e.g. elementary schools). All products offered are WFTO-certified (World Fair Trade Organization). All products in our collection were imported from Africa, Asia, and the Americas and were handmade toys imported from Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Just a glimpse of the product portfolio: (educational) puzzles, games, and cuddly toys.

I was responsible for improving user experience (UX), for coping with HTML and CSS, for managing web design, for optimizing landing pages and user/sales/marketing funnels, and for rolling out marketing roadmaps.

Highlights were CMS (Joomla and Luondo/VirtueMart), website-calls-to-actions (CTAs), SEO, SEM, SERPs, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), ROI and KPIs, A/B Testing (Split Testing), display ads via pop-ups and banners (PPC/CPC/CPL/CPM/CPS), customer journeys and customer life cycles, and Data & Web Analytics (Google Analytics/Google AdWords).

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