Marketing Management project in the Netherlands and Europe for the Italian Logos Group

Paneuropean Marketing EU Marketing LOGOS GROUP


Brand loyalty and awareness, Brand management, Carrying out A/B Testing (Split Testing), Content management and marketing, Conversion Optimization, Designing and executing end-to-end marketing workflows, Email marketing, Lead Generation, Lead nurturing, Lead qualification, Making up marketing materials, Managing ROIs and KPIs, Optimizing customer journeys and customer life cycles, Optimizing sales and marketing funnels, Produce Data Analytics for data-driven decisions, Rolling out marketing roadmaps in the Netherlands and across EU, Direct Sales and Sales presentations (onsite), Working in 2 CRMs (GoldMine and LogoSys). LOGOS is a translation group (top-4 global player) and focused primarily on translating manuals. Multinationals (NGOs) belonged to the clientele. Industries: automotive, electrical, and medical.

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