As a contractor in quality export management, I carried out many export and import projects for SMEs excelling in export marketing management, digital marketing, web management, data management, and marketing research. 

I was responsible for the strategic advice in drawing up and executing an export strategy, drawing up an export policy plan as a blueprint for export activities at both strategic and operational level and I was outlining the longterm export strategy for organizational management and market approach, which includes an integrated and sales transcending vision in combination with a concrete and result-oriented marketing plan for sales results.

Export Marketing Export Marketing Management 300x257

My expertises

  • Bottleneck analysis
  • Business administration analyzes
  • Cash & Currency management
  • Channel management decisions
  • Credit and Accounts Receivable budgeting
  • Cultural, ethical and communicative aspects of international management
  • Determining budgets
  • Determining commercial feasibility
  • Distribution analysis
  • Drafting and Implementing the export policy plan
  • Forecast sales, turnover, and costs
  • Inventory budget
  • Inventory of potential partners
  • Market Research/Market Exploration
  • Operational policy and planning
  • Order acquisition policy
  • Order procurement policy
  • Organizing multi-market activities
  • Portfolio analysis.
  • Procurement policy
  • Profit centers
  • Projected Profit-and-Loss Statement
  • Results overview
  • Risk analysis